Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Using embellishments to personalize your journal

To have more fun with journal keeping you can start using embellishments according to your tastes and desires, the list is endless on what you can use. Using items from around the house is a great way to start, followed by visiting craft stores where you can also get new project ideas.
 Depending on the type of journal, you can create a theme for example a gardening journal can be decorated with dry or fabric flowers and plants. Here are some uploaded images:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Start journaling

Does a blank sheet put you off when you think of journaling? A great way of starting journaling is to use visuals that is pictures from magazines, newspapers,  old books and any other source, photos you
have taken, drawings and paintings. The journal does not have to be super neat and tidy remember it is an expression of your inner self. Describe the experience, event you are journaling about by the






Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why keep a journal we have Facebook, Twitter

Remember with desktop computers we were supposed to have a paperless office. It did not exactly happen that way, as a matter of fact we use more paper now than we did twenty years ago. It is not a case of either or, we can have facebook, twitter, email(thats old now), and still put pen to paper.
And yeah the same language you use while texting OMG, BTW, BFF you can use on paper too. Journaling is not supposed to be this complicated, for professionals only kind of thing. No, its an expression of you, your inner self, to pour out your frustrations, set out your goals and record you achievements.