Friday, April 22, 2016

Unique, handmade gifts

I am very excited to let you know i have opened the beauty abound shop, where i will be selling hand knitted scarves and knitting kits for the DIY crafter.
I use cotton yarn for most of the scarves which i think can be worn all year round, even during the warmer months when the air conditioning indoors is freezing.

Hot pink handmade scarf

The lovely bright colors make for a great addition to your wardrobe and there is a selection of gorgeous colors to choose from.

Hot blue knitted scarf

They also make great handmade gifts for family and friends, for the DIY crafter who prefers to make a scarf themselves there are knitting kits available.

Hot green knitted scarf

Unique handmade gifts

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hand knitted scarves to color your wardrobe

I am really enjoying the many different colors of cotton yarn by lily sugar n' cream, i have been using it quite a bit for my knitting the past few weeks. I suppose that would be, because the colors are very addictive.
For the most part i have only made some scarfs but am sure there are so many other items that can be made using cotton yarn, so i will be on the lookout for fun patterns.  

hot pink
Cotton yarn

The scarves have added some needed color to my wardrobe since i tend to buy a lot of neutral colored pieces. Flowers have been trending the last seasons in the fashion world but i have not had the heart to get any pieces.

Yellow summer scarf
The scarves make it easy to freshen up any outfit, i like that especially when rushing in the morning and there is no time to mix and match, i just want to be out the door.

blue summer scarf
To get a different look, i just change up how i tie them around my neck or wrap around my shoulders, depending on what i am wearing and how it feels outside.
Pink summer scarf

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Summer knitting, cotton yarn scarves

With the weather warming up i want to continue with my knitting through the spring and summer. I bought some cotton yarn from my local craft store, Lily sugar n' cream and have been using the yarn to knit summer scarves.

Lily sugar n' cream yarn summer knitting
I got some really bright neon colors for my yarn, which i think are just perfect to add some pop to any outfit. Sugar n' cream have a selection of gorgeous colors, including some stripped yarn which i am looking forward to working with.

Cotton yarn

The beauty about cotton yarn is that it's breathable and will most definitely be comfortable during the summer time and its also machine washable which is a big plus for me.

Summer hand knitted scarf

Yarn: Lily Sugar n' cream

Colors: Hot pink, blue, green and yellow

Knitting neddles: Boye US 17 12.5mm

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lace knitting a scarf or wrap

For this project i used a super fine yarn and thick knitting needles to get the drape i wanted. The yarn from loops and threads is very soft to the skin and stretchy so it was easy to work with.

Lace knitting

After finishing the scarf and wearing it, i think this is great for all seasons even during the summer for those who work in spaces that feel like an icebox when the air conditioning is turned so low. It also folds to a convinient size to fit in my bag which i love, and it is very light yet feels warm.

Red summer scarf
I used metal knitting needles to knit this scarf, they were just so much easier to use and smoother compared to my bamboo needles.
Loops & threads simili-laine

Yarn: Loops & threads simili-laine red color

Knitting needles: Boye US 17 12.5mm

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Double yarn knitting

The last scarf i knitted i used a bulky yarn and it was a quick knit, which i liked, because i am very impatient. So this time i doubled up my yarn because it was not thick enough and i think the color combination turned out great.
Clover takumi bamboo circular needles

I used the same type of yarn, vanna's choice by lion brand, magenta, purple and fisherman blanc colors. For my finishing i used the english slip stich selvedge edge, which makes the edges of the scarf look very neat.

Double strand knitting

English slip stitch selvedge

Yarn: Vanna's choice purple, magenta, fisherman colors

Knitting Needles: Clover takumi bamboo US 15 10.0mm

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Pumpkin and grass garter stitch scarf

When choosing yarn for my projects, i like to get different colors and mix it up to see what the final result will be.
Not all projects end up as i had visualised them, but i like the way this pumpkin and grass scarf turned out. I used wool ease, thick and quick yarn by lion brand. It is soft, chunky and feels warm, i will definetely get some more the next time i go to the craft store.

Takumi knitting needles

Knitted scarf pumpkin and grass colors lion brand

Wool ease yarn

Yarn: Wool ease thick & quick yarn pumpkin and grass

Knitting needles: Takumi bamboo No.11 8.0mm