Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hand knitted scarves to color your wardrobe

I am really enjoying the many different colors of cotton yarn by lily sugar n' cream, i have been using it quite a bit for my knitting the past few weeks. I suppose that would be, because the colors are very addictive.
For the most part i have only made some scarfs but am sure there are so many other items that can be made using cotton yarn, so i will be on the lookout for fun patterns.  

hot pink
Cotton yarn

The scarves have added some needed color to my wardrobe since i tend to buy a lot of neutral colored pieces. Flowers have been trending the last seasons in the fashion world but i have not had the heart to get any pieces.

Yellow summer scarf
The scarves make it easy to freshen up any outfit, i like that especially when rushing in the morning and there is no time to mix and match, i just want to be out the door.

blue summer scarf
To get a different look, i just change up how i tie them around my neck or wrap around my shoulders, depending on what i am wearing and how it feels outside.
Pink summer scarf

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