Friday, May 13, 2016

5 things that inspire me during spring

1. Warmer longer days
The days are much warmer after the cold winter months, and it doesn't get dark so early (hoorah).
2. Burst of colors
Flowers are blooming, the trees are growing their leaves again.

3. Fresh start
With the changes taking place around me, i feel like there is a force or energy pushing me to make decisions about the things i want to start, remove or replace in my life.

4. Fashion
The fashion world is oozing with new looks and trends to explore and discover.
5. Photography
Spring is just a wonderful time to make photographs, everything looks so new and fresh and the longer days mean more light which equals to more photos.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

DiY scarf knitting kit

When i decided to give knitting a try, i went to the local craft store to buy yarn and knitting needles. I had no idea what i was going to make, what size of knitting needles to get or the type and weight of yarn.
So when i got to the store i was overwhelmed by all the choices i had, in hindsight i should have decided what i wanted to make get a pattern, then my experience at the craft store would have been smoother and less expensive.

Knitting kit

I think knitting kits are great for beginners because they take a lot of guess work and frustration from your knitting.
I have put together a knitting kit for a lace scarf which is now available at beauty abound shop, it's great for beginning knitters or crafters who want to try a different medium. 

Knitting project

There is a selection of different colors of cotton yarn to choose from hot pink, hot green, blue and yellow.
Hot pink scarf

What is included in the kit:

Pair of knitting needles
Ball of cotton yarn
Yarn needle
Scarf pattern

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