Thursday, September 15, 2016

Canvas tote bag for my knitting

I had been wanting to get a bag for my knitting and since most of the time i am working on more than one item, a medium sized bag was what i really wanted to get.

I then decided to paint the canvas bag to make the colors more vivid, since i am all about bright colors, and added polka dots just for fun. This was my first time painting fabric so i did not know what to expect but it was great, later after i was done i notice i had not aligned the polka dot stencil correctly in some parts, but since its the first time a few boo-boo's are allowed.

I used satin arcylic paints from craftsmart, which gave it a nice finish which i liked, it was not matte or super shiny, for the polka dots i used a stencil from folkart.  I also used some RIT dye for the rope handles which was way easier than painting them.

I love, love my new knitting tote bag, glad i spent sometime painting it (colors used navy, hot pink and white), and i like the final result. Until next time, keep crafting.

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