Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cowl, scarf knitting book

cowl scarf pattern
Cowl knitting book
 Recently i got this knitting book just for cowls and scarfs from the bookstore, the beautiful colors and styles were just calling me. I have not started on any pattern yet, but i am sure it will be quite exciting working on any of them.
This is my first knitting book by Cathy Carron, she has a selection of other books for sock patterns, hat patterns and more advanced scarf patterns. I find her work quite inspiring and i am glad i got the book.
infinity scarf knitting patterns
Knitting book
Until next time, be inspired

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Knit along projects

stone heather
Knit Along

 I have found one of the best ways of learning a craft is through online classes/video tutorials because you are able to rewind and repeat a process or step which is difficult or complicated to understand. I got this knit along from craftsy which had different projects a cowl, hat and mittens and i will just follow along with the instructor.

Mittens knit along

 I thought this was a great idea because i would be improving my skills in different areas. For the mittens i will be using cloudborn maize heather and stonewash heather.

cloudborn fibers
Knit along hat

For the hat i will use cloudborn fibers espresso heather, and it will be a cable knit which will be my first time to venture into cable knitting, i am looking forward to it.

Autumn heather
Knit along cowl
The other project is a cowl and i chose the autumn heather also by cloudborn fibers, the pattern will be lace, i am sure it will be a fun project.

Until next time, keep knitting.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Easy knit chunky winter scarf

Lately i have been working on a project which is not yarn related, i will be sharing soon ,and has kind of slowed down my knitting craft. I think as crafters our minds are always thinking about so many ideas at the same time, it's quite a challenge to stick and do one thing at a time.
So the other color i got in the lexington yarn line was stuyvesant, it was the most fun to knit, such happy colors blues, green, orange, pink and white.

scarf fashion
Hand knitted scarf
I also used lion brand thick and quick spice color yarn which has a pumpkin orangy hue to it and the final look was just perfect. I have heard that in creating less is more, but in this instance i think more is more.
lexington yarn
Handmade winter scarf

Until next time, keep knitting

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Scarf fashion, Lexington yarn, downtown

I have always loved scarves because they are easy accessories to dress up an outfit, the downtown yarn has such lovely colors browns, yellow and ivory, the colors remained me of leopard prints which i very much love.
Warm winter scarf
I mixed the yarn with lion brand wool ease thick and quick sequoia color which is a rich brown and it blended very well with the downtown striping colors. I wanted the scarf to be thick and chunky thus the use of two yarns.
Stylish scarf
Lexington yarn downtown
Both yarns are very soft on the skin and on a super cold day it keeps me very warm and toasty, i liked the results of the scarf and i think i want to try knitting a hat, i probably should start looking for a hat pattern and get started with it.

isaac mizrahi yarn
Fashion scarf

Until next time, keep knitting.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scarf making with Isaac Mizrahi craft yarn, gramercy park

The last time i was browsing for yarn, i came across some beautiful chunky yarn by isaac mizrahi which had such rich colors and i just had to get it. I got a few different ones from the lexington line, there are different lines in the brand, and for sure i want to get them too but this was the one i got because the colors are just so gorgeous.
The gramercy park is mix of pink, orange, brown, purple, white, the colors blend so well and when you are done working on your project, you will be so pleased with the results.

I used double strands to make the scarf, the other yarn was woolease thick and quick the color was spice which was just one solid color.

When knitting with a striping yarn i have learnt to use simple scarf patterns, so that the scarf design is not lost in the mix of colors and a basic pattern in my opinion 'shows' the colors of the yarn much better than in a more advanced pattern.

Until next time, keep knitting

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