Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scarf making with Isaac Mizrahi craft yarn, gramercy park

The last time i was browsing for yarn, i came across some beautiful chunky yarn by isaac mizrahi which had such rich colors and i just had to get it. I got a few different ones from the lexington line, there are different lines in the brand, and for sure i want to get them too but this was the one i got because the colors are just so gorgeous.
The gramercy park is mix of pink, orange, brown, purple, white, the colors blend so well and when you are done working on your project, you will be so pleased with the results.

I used double strands to make the scarf, the other yarn was woolease thick and quick the color was spice which was just one solid color.

When knitting with a striping yarn i have learnt to use simple scarf patterns, so that the scarf design is not lost in the mix of colors and a basic pattern in my opinion 'shows' the colors of the yarn much better than in a more advanced pattern.

Until next time, keep knitting

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