Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Finding inspiration as a crafter

Graphic by Julya Buhain canva layouts

As crafters we are always creating new products or services, for our businesses to stay fresh, hone our craft and the pure joy of doing what we love. The process of creating from idea or concept to the end result, with all its ups and downs is an experience i find quite exciting.
I have blogged about inspiration before here, and one of the things that inspire's me and greatly influences my creative process is nature,the changing seasons, the different colors that come with all these changes.
Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are also very inspiring, the array of colors trigger different color combinations in my mind when selecting yarn, fabric and ribbons. I find myself trying to mimic nature and by doing so come create different designs in my knitting and embellished tote bags.
I am very visual and like to take photos whenever a chance presents itself, i have realised by doing it quite often my mind stays fresh and new ideas are always flowing out of this process.

Until next time, stay inspired.

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