Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hip embellished tote bags

embellished tote bag
Craft tote bag

Last week i mentioned i had been working on a different project that was not yarn related and today i wanted to share it here on the blog.
The canvas tote bags have been alot of fun to work on, at first the hand stitching was quite a challenge because i have not done it in a long while but once i got the hang of it, it got much easier. I had thought of using lace instead of the burlap but it occured to me lace might be too delicate on the canvas.
I like the texture of burlap and the green color adds some natural, earthy element to the design of the bag and looks great with the other materials used.

beach tote bag
Canvas tote bag

embellished tote
Tote bag

Embelished bags
Beach tote bag

Hip embellished tote bags
Canvas bag

Boho bag
Tote bag

boho tote bag
Hip tote bags
Until next time, keep crafting.

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